About Us

Ideas are often the very foundation of every small business and establishment alike. We believe those who are determined enough can accomplish anything. That is why we have taken our passion and ideas to the test on this incredible journey called “Launch”. Launch Auto Sports was developed out of necessity for an expanding personal car collection added with a vast group of friends, family, and unique supercars, hypercars, and motorcycles. The goal was to create a space that we can enjoy that gives us the same feeling of being inside a garage in someone’s house while having others around us that we love to enjoy it too!

At Launch, we offer a variety of vehicle customization services, club memberships, concierge services, as well as in house financing for anything automotive

Although we would love to open up our shop to the public, our space is meant to be small and isolated for club members and executive suite owners. We feel that in order to produce exclusivity, there needs to be rules and standards. Our establishment is invite only and when you become an exclusive member of Launch Auto Sports, included in is a full range of concierge services to enhance your vehicle ownership experience. Let us take care of the annoying paperwork, DMV visits, service and maintenance! We make buying, customizing, and selling your car easier than ever before. Our long list of vendors and service management will ensure that your vehicle is purchased, built, and sold at the proper price without leaving you having to deal with any headaches along the way.

Launch Auto Sports is more than just a clubhouse for members. We strive to bring you the absolute best mechanics and installers while providing the highest quality brands available on the market. What started out as a hobby has quickly turned into a full-blown lifestyle. We hope you join us and come along for the LAUNCH.