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We do not just change ignition timing and air-fuel ratios, we go much deeper in the file to find hidden power in the form of “torque limits.”
Torque limits are how modern

ECU limits power and efficiency. A torque limit can be any limit on the throttle, boost, timing, or fuel.

The painstaking process of reverse engineering that HD Tuning undergoes for every new model includes purchasing Damos files from the manufacturer in order to define and scale the 8 megabytes+ of binary data in the current generation ECU’s.


ECU Tuning should be the first and last modification for any modern combustion engine. ECU tuning is the modification of the code within a car’s brain which controls how much power the car makes, how much fuel it uses, what the top speed limit is, etc.

As ECU Tuners, our job is to read out the stock code, modify it to make safe power, and program it back into the computer using factory-level OEM tuning tools with correct checksums so no one, including the dealerships, will be able to tell there has been any modification.

The result can be over +100 horsepower*, much more than any exhaust or intake system can yield and by using the factory computer, retains OEM safety parameters to keep your engine running strong and healthy for years to come.