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Nothing matters more than the driving experience. As enthusiasts, we’ll go to great lengths to truly perfect the feel and experience of our vehicles. Upgrade performance and dial in your driving experience with aftermarket.

Vehicle Tuning

When a vehicle is designed and produced at the manufacturer, there are thousands of dollars spent and thousands of hours that go into testing and tuning to the engine to not only make the vehicle as reliable as possible for the consumer but to also allow for the least amount of problems down the road. Each brand wants a great performing engine without pushing the limits. Over the years we have come to find that some brands underestimate the power that the car actually puts out to avoid certain legal and government standards while others overestimate the power in order to appeal more to certain buyers. In the US, a dyno meter is used to measure the amount of power that each car puts down to the wheels. When purchasing a vehicle, the manufacturer will generally put the “HP” number on the spec sheet which would signify the amount of horsepower the vehicle has at the crank or engine. However, the actual number that is generally used to record power is by “WHP” meaning how much power is actually getting put to the wheels and being used. Some vehicles claim 500hp but end up only being 360whp based on drivetrain loss and actual conversion of power transfer.

To start, we recommend that each vehicle gets properly dyno tested to see actual base numbers and realistic power curves for torque and horsepower during full acceleration in various climates and with different mods, etc. If a vehicle is completely stock, generally someone else’s dyno reading would be close as long as elevation, external temps, and other factors were similar. The type of dyno also plays into the difference in read outs and numbers.

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Some of the vehicles that we work on require the ECU to be pulled from the vehicle while other tunes are OBD only and require simple software flashing vs hardware removal. Every vehicle is different and there are different brands for every year, make, and model. Some platforms don’t have tunes available and we apologize for that however tuning companies fill supply and demand so if there is low demand for a certain model, they may unfortunately skip and will not make enhancements.

The cars we repair and service, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren, have great reputations for delivering awesome performance just the way they are, but it is possible to further boost your vehicle’s power and improve drivability with engine tuning. In fact, engine tuning modifications can transform your car from a purring kitten to a roaring lion. And rather than living with the standard manufacturer setup, you’re engine will be perfectly tuned to your driving style, car condition, and other preferences.

Please call today and speak with a specialist about how we can best tune your vehicle to your liking!